Resophonic Banjos

We are really pleased to announce a very cool resophonic banjo that came from a collaboration between Bill and Sean at Rickard Banjos and us here at Rayco Resophonics.

Bill says it best here

"This is what can happen when you start thinking outside the box (or banjo). The photos are of a resophonic banjo that we've been working on here at Rickard Banjos. It's our first off design, that will be shown at the coming NAMM show, at the Rayco Resophonics booth. Mark Thibeault, the owner of Rayco Resophonics, and Rickard Banjos started kicking this concept around awhile back and this is what we came up with. Some of you may have seen an existing resophonic banjo built by Rayco and promoted by Ross Nickerson. The major difference between these banjos is that the existing Rayco Resophonic banjo is built up on a spider cone similar to a Dobro set-up, and our design utilizes a biscuit bridge cone, more commonly used in metal resophonic guitars built by the National Guitar company.

Interesting thing that we found after searching the internet was that resophonic tenor banjos were once somewhat common. If you go to: you'll see an example of the original resophonic tenors that were once common place."